Retention of the best IT specialists

Step 3: Retention

25. August 2022

Poor retention (high staff turnover) negatively impacts productivity, product quality and not least of all the bottom line. Moreover, outsourcing has a widely held reputation for poor employee retention. This reputation is not always justified and in the case of Conscensia certainly not. We believe that an amicable working environment based on respect helps to create a stable, equal relationship amongst colleagues and this in turn helps significantly in achieving our high retention rate.

More than 37% of our specialists are working with Conscensia for more than 5 years! We even have a “Conscensia 10 Club” for those who have celebrated their 10th anniversary with us and our clients. This is an exclusive club, but already has more than 30 members! That is 300 years of stability for our clients.

300 years of domain knowledge for our customers in their nearshore development teams, even with developers working thousands of kilometers away. Conscensia’s ability to find highly skilled developers and focus on retention is truly a success!

For more than 16 years our HR department has been gathering, assessing and making use of information on what our specialists appreciate in working with Conscensia. Here are the most important factors, according to the feedback we get from our teams.

Scandinavian corporate culture and friendly working environment

Our Ukrainian and and Polish developers very much appreciate Scandinavian corporate culture, which is characterized by a ‘soft’ management style and work-life balance. Most of our colleagues agree that at Conscensia – they seem to have achieved the best possible balance of personal comfort and high work efficiency.

“At Conscensia I truly enjoy the Danish style of working the most. For the past 14 years, I have the real work-life balance and the most important – trust is the basis of interaction in my team.

Olga Kohut (Team Lead at Spar Nord team, 14 years with Conscensia)

Our relations with both staff and clients are built solidly around our corporate values: Trust, Transparency and Responsibility. It implies that people are naturally trusted and encouraged to share their opinions freely. Everyone can approach management to express their thoughts and address any worries. Even the youngest colleagues will be asked opinions on the decisions, so for sure people appreciate when everyone is listened to equally.

New knowledge and support from colleagues

Even while working for many years on the same projects our senior engineers are regularly met by challenging experiences. These might be new, contemporary technologies or dealing with newcomers of different mentality. At the same time, our junior developers always gain something new from the more skilled, mature person on the other side of the screen, so every member of this interaction is interested in the communication.

Scandinavian corporate culture is something that forms the general atmosphere of comfort and trust and this is the best environment for professional growth and development.

“Before joining Conscensia, I was working for the couple of companies with a different “way” of working: their focus was only on the final project’s goal and they didn’t care for the team’s culture. When I joined Conscensia 6 years ago I was really surprised – the company really cares for people. My Danish and Ukrainian colleagues help me to develop, grow and find a balance between different work challenges and private life. I believe that our main keys for success are – trust, transparency and effective communication”

Ivan Kamyshan (Software developer at Systematic team, 6 years with Conscensia)

Conscensia takes its colleagues seriously and personally. We strive to give every Conscensian the opportunity to live the life to its fullest. We believe that people have to have time for their hobby and family in order not to burn out. That is why we offer a wide variety of corporate benefits and perks (short Fridays, learning opportunities of both a technical and business nature, corporate events and parties, official recognition of achievements, etc.)

The cooperation between Conscensia and each developer is all about, support, respect of personal boundaries and caring about individual need. Contented people create better IT services and products, which in turn make their users happy. This is measurable in code quality, productivity, stability and, not least of all, the bottom line.

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Et solidt og stabilt nearshore udviklingsteam er uvurderligt for Kamstrup. Deres digitale løsninger er komplekse, derfor er kontinuitet og trygheden ved at deres ukrainske udviklere er eksperter i applikationerne garant for god kvalitet.