Cyber Security Awareness Day at Conscensia

7. November 2022

On October 31st, we launched our first corporate Cyber Security Awareness Day at Conscensia.

Over the past year, our IT department implemented a considerable amount of improvements on our corporate security. Furthermore, Conscensia decided to spread awareness and educate our people in this field, as individual cyber security is an issue that concerns everybody in a fast moving digital world.

We have conducted a series of Cyber Security Workshops for our colleagues in Denmark, Ukraine and Poland. On the workshop, our Security Managers covered the most tackled issues on cyber security:

      • The most common users violation
      • The biggest global cyber attacks of 2022
      • The main targets of hackers

And of course, they presented all of the improvements that Conscensia launched over the year, such as:

      • All server infrastructure migrated to cloud;
      • All endpoints are encrypted and managed by cloud-based management solution;
      • Mobile devices secured and managed by MDM solution;
      • Implemented Endpoint Protection Platform for all workstations;
      • Internal network protected by NG Firewall;
      • All critical data are backed up in protected cloud environment;
      • Launched security awareness training.

Useful recommendations from our Security Manager, Andriy Mikolyash

Every person is responsible for their safety and should:

  • Be attentive to emails from unknown or suspicious senders (don’t open attachments and URLs until you know they are safe);
  • Always check URL-address before entering confidential data on web pages;
  • Use unique and strong passwords;
  • Save all passwords using Password Manager;
  • Use Multi-factor authentication where it’s possible;
  • Always and on time update operating systems and software;
  • Use the least privileges for your everyday work;
  • Immediately inform the security manager about any suspicious activity on his endpoint.

At Conscensia we believe that cyber security awareness concerns every person, who uses a smartphone, laptop or any digital service. People who are involved in the development industry should always keep their knowledge on cyber security up-to-date as their field of responsibility in this case is more extensive.

We look forward to seeing all Consensians at Cyber Security Day again in 2023!